Business strategy

Business strategy

The Corporate Strategy covers all areas of the Enterprise, both external (services, market and mandate) and internal (processes, finances and human resources). It lays down the direction in which SRG is to grow. From it, the Enterprise Units (RSI, RTR, RTS, SRF, SWI), departments (Operations, Finance) and the subsidiaries derive their individual sub-strategies. Strategic service guidelines provide a framework for the ongoing development of SRG's regional and national services. Programming and production management use these guidelines to set priorities for their individual areas. 

The Strategy was revised in 2016 and its objectives refined. As a result, it is clearer, and focused on what really matters: the digital transformation and all the implications that it will have for services, staff, finance and the market climate. The revised Corporate Stragegy now has nine objectives rather than the previous 13.  

SRG aims to be a digital media provider, generating content for all significant forms of media use and all appropriate platforms. Its priority is to provide added value for users, and it offers its services wherever they happen to be. Specifically, SRG will (list not exhaustive)

  • expand its offering for a mobile, young and urban audience and for people with a migration background;
  • step up contact with media users, especially via social networks. SRG uses online channels and HbbTV to interact with its audience;
  • cultivate an independent and challenging form of journalism whose professionalism sets standards;
  • target regional, national and international cooperations;
  • live up to its responsibility for the media community, the economy and for a sustainable society;
  • engage in innovation and increase its agility;
  • promote a digital corporate culture.

The new Corporate Strategy sets different areas of emphasis compared with previous versions, with greater weight given to promoting democracy, the independence of the Enterprise, and the quality of services. SRG aims to build bridges between regions, cultures, generations, and fellow citizens from Switzerland and other countries. Its coverage of events helps to establish a common understanding.

The corporate strategy sets out the objectives and schedule for implementation. The Board of Directors and the Executive Board review the measures and projects each year and the objectives every two years. If necessary they are brought into line with the latest developments. The Strategy will undergo a further review in 2018.