Corporate principles

Corporate principles


We inform, entertain and contribute to education and cultural development. We promote democratic opinion forming, public information and preserve cultural identity. We broadcast programmes of comparable quality on the same terms within the four language regions. By taking into account the demands of majorities and minorities, we promote mutual understanding and solidarity.


Our audiovisual public service offering reflects and is part of reality in Switzerland. Our programmes are distinctive and are competitive on an international level. We are quick to identify changes in user behaviour and are open to technical innovation. Our services set quality standards and make an essential contribution to Switzerland’s social cohesion. 


  • Credibility: We provide information with an emphasis on facts and transparency, while also offering a platform for different opinions. We demand and encourage a high level of professionalism from our journalists and programme-makers. We take responsibility for the accuracy and credibility of our programmes.
  • Independence: We select and create content independently, and are not influenced by political and economic pressure groups. Our public mandate and the licence fees we receive place a particular responsibility on us and require us to provide services of the highest quality. We are open to criticism, transparent towards the public and undergo internal and external reviews.
  • Diversity: When it comes to creating programmes, we orientate ourselves towards the varied needs of the majorities and minorities in multilingual and multicultural Switzerland. Diversity shapes our formats, content and viewpoint. We address international events and their impact on the role and importance of Switzerland.
  • Creativity: Creativity is both essential to and the driving force behind our success. We are open to changes that are necessary on the technical, social and economic fronts. We promote and insist on imagination and creativity in order to survive in the face of increasing international media competition.
  • Fairness: Respect for people is a basic requirement in our programme-making. Others are treated with dignity and consideration in our media activities. Business and social partners can depend on us. We offer our employees modern working conditions and we count on their loyalty and sense of responsibility towards the concept of public service.