Presse TV

Nationwide TV slot for Swiss publishers.

SRG SSR involvement: collaboration with Presse TV is governed by a cooperation agreement defining the broadcasting times available to Presse TV, the length of the programmes and the financial modalities.
Established in: 1995


Transmission of a German-language satellite programme by ZDF/ARD/ORF/SRG.

SRG SSR involvement: supply of arts programmes and editorial collaboration accounting for about 10% of the overall offering.
Established in: 1984

Arte (Association relative à la télévision européenne)

European cultural channel.

SRG SSR involvement: a cooperation agreement exists between Arte and SRG SSR regulating co-production activities.
Established in: 1991

Swiss national sound archives

The Swiss national sound archives have the task of collecting, logging and making available for use sound media, the content of which is bound up with the history and culture of Switzerland.

SRG SSR involvement: SRG SSR is a co-founder and member.
Established in: 1987

Swiss Solidarity

The "Glückskette", or Swiss Solidarity, is the humanitarian arm of SRG SSR. It collects money for the victims of man-made or natural disasters and helps finance the programmes of its development-aid partners, the "Schweizer Hilfswerke".

SRG SSR involvement: SRG SSR idée suisse is a founding member and therefore also a member of the governing trust.
Established in: 1946


Association for the preservation of Switzerland's audiovisual heritage.

SRG SSR involvement: SRG SSR is a co-founder and member.
Established in: 1995

Die Schweizer Journalistenschule

The leading college of journalism in German-speaking Switzerland.

SRG SSR involvement: SRG SSR supports the MAZ with an annual grant of 250,000 Swiss francs. SRG SSR staff also pass on their knowledge and skills by teaching at the MAZ, while the training departments of Schweizer Fernsehen and Schweizer Radio DRS run joint courses with the college.
Established in: 1984