Digital transformation poses major challenges for many companies. These concern not only their products and services, but also their entire business models. Moving images are becoming increasingly important, even beyond the multimedia context. The large volumes of data involved mean that technical and organisational requirements are high. Many providers from a wide range of sectors are overwhelmed by these new opportunities and requirements, as the familiar operating framework is changing rapidly.

SWISS TXT is the Swiss navigator through this digital world. It knows the right ways to achieve the client's objectives securely, or together explore previously unrecognised chances and new opportunities. As an inspiring partner and pioneer, SWISS TXT helps to identify opportunities, realise innovative ideas, and thereby ensure lasting success in the digital world.

As a subsidiary of SRG SSR and its centre of multimedia excellence, since 1983 SWISS TXT has accompanied Switzerland on its path to an increasingly complex digital future with services from consulting through to implementation.

Legal form Limited company
Management Daniel Benninger (ad interim)
Established in 1983
SRG SSR stake 100%
Co-owner none