Licence fees

Licence fees

With its radio and TV programming, SRG SSR provides services on behalf of the general public, hence the term "public service broadcaster". It is a non-profit organisation which exists exclusively to fulfil a public service remit.

Most of SRG SSR's budget is provided by licence fee income, followed in importance by sponsorship, advertising revenues and other commercial income. SRG SSR receives licence fees in order to fulfil the mandate issued to it by the Federal Council: to produce and distribute radio and television programmes of consistant quality for the whole of Switzerland in all four national languages. This means making programmes for a small market of around seven million people, divided into four language segments.

SRG SSR's annual turnover is around CHF 1.6 billion; 75 percent of its income is derived from licence fees, and 25 percent from commercial revenues and other sources, such as the sale of programming to other radio and TV broadcasters.