Radio and TV licence fees

Radio and TV licence fees

People who live in Switzerland and receive radio or television services are required by the Federal Radio and Television Act (RTVA) to pay licence fees, regardless of which programmes they watch or listen to, and no matter how they watch or listen (terrestrial, cable, satellite, via the phone line, on their mobile phone or via the internet). The only people who may be exempted are those who are eligible for AHV (state pension) and IV (disability) payments and receive benefits under the Federal law on supplementary benefits to old age, survivors' and disability insurance.

The Billag company has collected licence fees on behalf of the federal government since 1998. Billag's remit includes informing the population about their duty to register and to pay licence fees. Everything that licence fee payers need to know about licence fees can be found in German, French and Italian at:

The level of the licence fee is set by the Federal Council. The greater part of licence fee revenue is intended to finance the radio and television services provided by SRG SSR (the public service remit). However, part of it goes to privately-owned radio and television broadcasters which, under the terms of their charter, fulfil a special service remit. Furthermore, some of the revenue is invested in the promotion of new technologies and in audience research, or used to cover the costs of frequency management (OFCOM) and licence fee collection (Billag).

Licence fee payers in German, French, Italian and Romansch-speaking Switzerland all pay the same amount and, in return, are entitled under the law to services of equal quality. 

Development of licence fees for private individuals (incl. 2.4 % VAT.)

Year Radio (CHF) Television (CHF) Total
1987-1990 94.80 184.80 279.60
1991-1992 118.80 231.60 350.40
1993-1994 153.60 243.60 397.20
1995-1999 160.80 248.40 409.20
2000 162.00 270.00 432.00
2001-2002 162.00 270.60 432.60
2003-2006 169.00 281.40 450.40
2007-2010 169.00 293 462.00

Radio and television licence fees from January 2011 (incl. 2.5 % VAT.)*

Year Radio (CHF) Television (CHF) Total
2011-2015 169.15 293.25 462.40

Radio and television licence fees from May 2015 (excl. 2.5 % VAT.)

Year Radio (CHF) Television (CHF) Total
2015- 165.00 286.10 451.10

Fees for business and commercial reception are given in the table on the website of Billag (overview of fees).

* VAT adjustment from 2.4 to 2.5%


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