SWI is SRG SSR's international service. It is aimed at everyone around the world who is interested in Switzerland, including Swiss citizens living abroad. 

SWI reports daily from Switzerland on political, economic, cultural, social and scientific issues. It is the only Swiss multimedia website to present top stories and analysis not only in German, French, Italian and English, but also in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese and Russian ‒ a total of ten languages. thus reaches over 80% of global internet-users. 

SWI presents its content as a mix of text, image, audio and video. The service is rounded out by feature pieces, photo galleries and audio slideshows, as well as selected radio and TV programming.

Head Peter Schibli
Legal form Subsidiary
Established in 1935
Workforce 2015 (full-time equivalents) 85
Operating expenses 2015 (million CHF) 17.7

Usage 2015

Ø number of website visits per month 1,561,000
Ø number of unique clients per month 748,000