SRG SSR aims to serve the wide-ranging needs of Switzerland’s multilingual and multicultural population. Diversity is thus a key feature of its offering, its programming and the angles it presents.

SRG SSR reflects Switzerland’s multilingual and multicultural society with its broad spectrum of radio and television programmes. At the same time, it is Switzerland’s diversity that shapes the formats, content and angles SRG SSR covers in the fields of news, culture, education, sport and entertainment. Diversity is thus both a cornerstone of SRG SSR’s leading market position and a core element of its corporate principles alongside credibility, independence, creativity and fairness.

Programming diversity remit  

Article 93 of the Swiss Federal Constitution states that legislation on radio and television is a matter for the federal government. Radio and television are to contribute to education and cultural development, to the unrestricted formation of opinion and to entertainment, and they must also take account of the aspects that are unique to Switzerland and of the cantons’ needs, present events objectively and reflect the diversity of opinions.

The Concession describes in detail the remit that SRG SSR must fulfil with all of its radio and television programming as well as other media offerings in the respective language regions. The Concession also covers the following points: 

  • Unrestricted formation of opinion by the general public through comprehensive, diverse and objective information, in particular on political, economic and social issues

  • Cultural development, strengthening Switzerland’s cultural heritage and promoting Swiss culture, with a particular focus on Swiss literature, music and film

  • Educating the audience, in particular by regularly broadcasting programmes with educational content

  • Offering entertainment programmes geared to the audience’s diverse needs

Diversity in radio

SRG Radio-Karte

SRG SSR’s radio programming covers the diverse viewpoints and needs of its audience. The genres and formats employed are as varied as the programme content itself. They include, for example, news and current affairs, radio plays, interviews and music request programmes.


Programme content radio 2015



Diversity in television

SRG TV-Karte en

In television, too, SRG SSR makes every effort to offer a diverse range of programming every day with a variety of genres and formats that satisfy the many different expectations and opinions of its audience. These include news, advice, talk, quiz and music shows as well as sitcoms, series and films.


Programme content television 2015


Even greater diversity thanks to the digital revolution

  • Channels’ websites: The digital revolution that has swept through the media industry has changed consumers’ needs. In response to this change, SRG SSR’s radio and television companies offer websites that complement their programming with more in-depth content.

  • Podcasts and streams: Platforms for audio and video on demand enable the audience to access entire radio and television programmes or individual segments via the Internet, sometimes as live streams, or else as delayed streams or podcasts. Some platforms even incorporate user-generated content, for example the music platforms (The Swiss Folk Music Portal) and (The Swiss Music Portal).

  • Teletext: Short reports on Teletext remain a very popular feature. The number of users has stabilised at a high level of approximately 1 million a day. 

  • Swissinfo: The website provides news about Switzerland in the form of text, picture, audio and video articles in ten languages. Swissinfo presents topics specifically for an international audience. It also supplies Swiss people living abroad with information on referenda and elections.