Digital radio DAB

Digital radio DAB

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What is DAB?

Digital Audio Broadcasting, or DAB for short, is a standardised global process for the digital terrestrial transmission of radio signals. It allows radio stations to be listened to everywhere without any interference, and offers exceptional sound quality, even in the car. 

SRG SSR broadcasts all of its radio stations via DAB. This also includes stations that have so far been available only via cable or satellite. Depending on language region, listeners can pick up some 10 to 13 radio stations – in different constellations – via DAB/DAB+. 

To receive SRG SSR radio stations digitally via an aerial, you need a DAB/DAB+ standard digital radio. DAB+ is replacing the current DAB standard. Specialist retailers carry a broad and varied range of DAB+ digital radios.

SRG SSR is committed to digital radio

SRG SSR is supporting the success of digital radio with several activities. These focus on close cooperation with retailers and importers (marketing materials, promotions, training, etc.), as well as communications using channels such as TV ads and radio trailers.