For everyone

SRG's position – our contribution to the discussion

The mandate of SRG is currently a much talked-about topic. The debate highlights the importance of a public media company in the global, commercial media world. Precisely in times of transition it is necessary and important to discuss the future of SRG in a broad context as we work on behalf of everyone in the country.


What should we offer and in which direction should we be headed? The answers to these questions are as varied as the reactions we have received. SRG presents its position in the publication "For everyone" as a contribution to the discussion. We state what we stand for, what we oppose, and how we would like to develop. 

An independent media company is essential for free and in-depth opinion-shaping: public service journalism is needed now more than ever in the digital age. How we fulfill the mandate on behalf of people in Switzerland will change. And we state our position here too: we communicate what we are working on and how we intend to approach the future. This includes demonstrating openness, a willingness to change and greater proximity to our audiences, and expanding our offering for young people.  

Document "For everyone" - see right-hand column